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Mar 29

What Is An SEO Specialist And Where Do I Hire One?

By nirotnt | SEO Expert

Why You Should Hire a Freelance SEO Specialist?

SEO is the heart and soul of any online marketing operation nowadays and a successful business can’t even dream of doing without putting an efficient SEO strategy in place. Since most business owners do not have a working know how and can’t manage to do this on their own they choose to hire SEO agencies or freelancers who can accomplish this task for them. A search engine optimization expert thus, is a person whose primary job is to review, analyze and implement changes to websites with the primary purpose of ranking them high in the Google search result pages. Often, these experts work with SEO agencies, however it’s not uncommon to find them working on their own as freelance professionals as well.


To start with, A good SEO specialist should have in-depth knowledge of search engine policies and should be well versed with the updates that are constantly rolled out by search engines like Google. These updates aim to enhance the usability of the search engine and also block out websites who are trying to spam or provide false information to Internet users. This is why it is very crucial to adhere to those guidelines to make sure that your site’s ranking doesn’t drop as a result of some unknown violations. For instance, many business websites were unknowing victims of Keyword stuffing and were severely penalized by Google’s Panda update. It took even tenured SEO experts, a bit of time to realize why the penalties were being handed out. Those who were running their websites themselves suffered coz of their ignorance. That’s why, a good search engine expert is necessary for every business that desires to be successful online.


A True SEO Expert Will Have These

SEO experts also have extensive knowledge on keyword research and how to get your site ranking for the ones that are most relevant to you and to the niche in which you operate. An SEO expert will use his expert tools and extensive knowledge to fish out keywords from your niche and related sub niches that you never even knew existed. After that, he or she will employ on-site and off-site optimization to ensure that your website is ranking on the first page of Google for those highly coveted keywords. Needless to say an SEO expert will have working knowledge of web development, HTML and general know-how of how a website is supposed to be run. It’s like hiring a doctor who also knows body building and krav maga. An all in one combination.


An SEO expert essentially becomes a person who will take care of the online part of your business leaving you free to focus 100% on running the day-to-day operations of your business. As you can see, when you have an expert working for you, it gives you a massive advantage over your competition. However you must make sure that the SEO expert you hire, not only has vast experience but also a proven track record when it comes to previous projects.


Why Chose Me And My Agency?

This is why we consider ourselves to be experts in the SEO industry as not only do we have an expert’s perspective and in-depth knowledge of the subject, we are also market savvy and know all there is to know about marketing a business on the web. Internet marketing has come a long way in the last decade and targeting your energy only to one element is an exercise in futility. That’s why, we’re not just focused on ensuring you high rankings for a website in the Google search engine results but are also looking at the big picture and thinking about how to enable your website to help conversion rates and customer retention. This we believe is a long-term strategy that any serious business should adopt if they are to succeed online and any business owner whose serious about what they do, know that the real gains lie in a long term strategy.


While our job starts at revamping and optimizing the design and content of a website, it does not stop there. We aim to improve user experience, provide SEO recommendations, protect your website from any security threats and even device local marketing campaigns for you. We provide you with detailed reports that help you to easily track the progress and as a part of the job, we keep you well informed of industry trends, best practices and search engine updates. Are you ready to get started? Then click here for more information.